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March 5, 2012

I’m lazy today so here’s me being funny a while back with Molly Michelle Sapia.


  1. permalink

    I’m very curious about what word you were looking for in the first 30 seconds..

  2. First of all, bravo on the name. Second of all, it’s hard to hear, but I say at the end of my search, “Falvey’s not a word.” I think we can all agree that the blame lies with the cameraperson for that shortcoming in audibility.

  3. Anna permalink

    Firstly, thank you. Secondly, I agree that it must be the cameraperson’s fault. Thanks for the clarification

  4. Molls Balls permalink

    It’s a library, therefore it was silent. Marciano simply didn’t speak loud enough.
    And besides, let’s focus on how funny this is, especially that priceless smile in the last scene, not Marciano’s one inaudible line.

  5. G Boss permalink

    I remember this being made and it is one of the best tours of Falvey I have ever seen

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