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Questions for the man walking in the middle of the street

March 14, 2012

Dirty-looking man, why were you so angry? Is it because you are dirty-looking? Were you mad at that paper bag? Is that why you punched it?

Or were you mad at society? Are its rules too constraining? Was jaywalking an act of civil disobedience? Was it nihilism? Did you want to send your message, whatever it was, to the automobiled folk coming at you from both directions? What were you thinking when you stared with such force and fury at the driver in the car in front of me? Was the driver afraid of you? How can I get people to fear me like that?

Did you see that the paper bag you punched got stuck in the front left wheel of the driver’s car? If so, did that make you laugh? If not, would it? Would you laugh, please? Is your laugh hearty like a mountain man’s or the gravelly laugh of a blues singer?

Why did you cross the road? Where were you going?

Where did you go, dirty-looking man? And when will you come back?

/drops mic, poetry slam crowd applauds _____ly

Commenters: fill in the blank! Isn’t it fun when I engage you?

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  2. GraNola Bar permalink


    • I don’t know what stupendous-minus means, mystery man. I can only hope that it’s a new-fangled way to say only slightly less than stupendous

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