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Selected predictions that make me look not stupid

March 18, 2012

In December I wrote a Big East conference preview for The Villanova Times. I wrote a little blurb on each team and ordered the teams based on how I thought they would finish in the conference standings. You are surely surprised that I did not do well.

My Prediction (actual finish):
1. Syracuse (1)
2. Connecticut (T9)
3. Louisville (7)
4. Marquette (2)
5. Pittsburgh (T13)
6. Cincinnati (T4)
7. Villanova (T13)
8. West Virginia (8)
9. Notre Dame (3)
10. Georgetown (T4)
11. Rutgers (T11)
12. Seton Hall (T9)
13. St. John’s (T11)
14. Providence (15)
15. South Florida (T4)
16. DePaul (16)

Meh and whatever. I have other strengths. “You have other strengths,” my mom says almost daily and unprovoked. I’m like totally over it. Only in the interest of being fair to myself do I present these semi-correct predictions:

Syracuse: “They will finish 24-4 (14-4 Big East) and lose in the Elite 8.” Still possible!

Louisville: “[Kyle] Kuric shoots them to victory in the Big East tournament. [Peyton] Siva makes a floater in the lane as time expires to get to the Sweet 16. Then they lose.” Kuric shot 20-for-49 (40.8%) in the Big East tournament, including 8-for-28 (28.6%) from three. But they won it! And they can still lose their next game, so I’m looking pretty fucking smart right about now…ladies?

Marquette: “DJO wins millions of hearts and leads them to the Final Four.” I had such conviction in this one I picked them in my bracket and thus avoided being screwed over by Missouri. I might even make some money this year because I took a chance on Buzzzzzzzzzz Williams back in December.

And that’s it. Those are all the good predictions I had for the Big East.


Some other tournament thoughts, given only because I have them…

I watched 48 games in four days and can’t wait for Thursday for the next game. I get too much pleasure from highlighting my correct picks green. I think the neighbors think I’m getting frisky when I do that. I got 31 games correct so far; they must admire my libido.

  1. Molls Balls' Balls permalink

    For some reason this song made me think of Buzz Williams

  2. I can see him being rolled on his side for ease of transport. He’s no Rick Majerus, though.

  3. Molls Balls' Balls permalink

    Kunal refused believe me when I said he was as fat as Rex Ryan.

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