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Expanding my vocabulary in a new thingy I’ll be doing

March 29, 2012

When I started this blog I wanted to try my hand at different kinds of writing, including fiction. Well now I finally will start doing that. My homepage is Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, but I never learn any of them because I never use them. So every day I will write a very short story and work the word of the day into it, in a feature I will call micro-fiction of the day. I don’t expect any of these stories to be good for a while, so bear with me.

Today’s (actually yesterday’s) word: zoomorphic, adj. (zo-uh-moar-fick)

1. having the form of an animal

2. of, relating to, or being a deity conceived of in animal form or with animal attributes


After many inconveniences, Dr. Simon was in the terminal. He was in danger of missing his flight, and thus his daughter’s birthday celebration.

His daughter’s birthday. How could he have forgotten?

It was imprudent, not buying her a present before the trip. One voice in his mind chastised another, but his visage remained blank. He looked up and down the corridor for a souvenir shop. As the second voice reminded him, that was his plan from the beginning, to get her something from San Francisco; she would be comforted by the knowledge that he was thinking about her while they were apart.

He found a suitable shop, in that it wasn’t too far from his gate. He scanned the shelves quickly for something fit for a five-year-old. A t-shirt would not do; his wife would know he got it at the airport.

He saw a single zoomorphic pillow in the far corner of the store. More specifically, it was a friendly looking panda wearing a baseball uniform, and it would go over perfectly. He could already envision the scene: his daughter’s countenance made bright by his return and brighter from the sight of his gift. He raced to grab it—his flight would be leaving any moment now—and he beat a young boy and his indignant-looking mother to it by virtue of the long strides his lanky frame afforded him.

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