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My friend Dylan’s in a band!

April 1, 2012

My friend since 4th grade, Dylan Charles McHugh, and his band of Chicago-based twenty-somethings, Popular Tongues, released their very first EP, Cigarette Party, today, April Fools’ Day. Despite the timing, it is no joke, insofar as there is actual music to be found when you visit this link, produced with love and talent and good thing #3. You might think the music itself is a joke; hell, I don’t even know my opinion of it yet. All I know is that I’ve been telling myself I will learn an instrument for two years now and not doing it, and then out of nowhere I find out Dylan is a singer in a band with a veritable discography. I’m guessing that more or most people fall into the first category like me.

Good on you, mate (I say that in honor of that British phase you went through in high school).


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