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A flurry of posts after a hiatus

April 11, 2012

The Unwelcome Visitor flew away this morning, and who would have thought, reader, that the most unwelcome part of her visit would be her departure. Not I, certainly. Anyway, now I’m back to being alone, and all that comes with it: singing songs real loud in the car because it’s almost like a conversation, playing Risk-y games at, and writing to 20 or so people on this thing.

So look forward to a host of posts on a veritable cornucopia of topics. There will be a final, belated installment in my Giants Primer series. Hell, there will even be an MLB primer because I know my shit. I will write about Mad Men episode 3. I will finally do that thing about the face of each MLB franchise, which I alluded to in the “BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL…” post. I will write some more fiction.

To keep y’all warm and ready for the upcoming bonanza, here is one of my favorite Conan sketches, which I discovered when I was a youngun. I had never found it on the internet until today.

Bow to Giant Mechanical Santa.

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