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Some shout-outs

April 12, 2012

Guess what? I inspired someone. In the words of James McAvoy at the end of that loom movie: “What the fuck have you done lately?”

The inspired person is Eric “Quesadilla” Quesada. He read my blog and thought, “If this guy can post shit, anybody can.” Maybe not that exact thought; the point is I stand for the everyman. And one of the everymen was inspired to do the same.

Damn delicious.

Some information on the dude before I link to his tumblr: he’s a friend of mine I met at Villanova, I was shocked at the time to find out he also lives in San Francisco, he wants t0 design t-shirts for a living, he hates bears and loves golf. The name of his blog is Di Minimis, which he says is an accounting term for sources of insignificant enough to be exempt from taxation and which I say is a term with too many I’s. I is by far the worst vowel.

Click here to go to his tumblr.


In previous posts, I have detailed exactly how I am a man living in the world of tomorrow. Sometimes that means spending my time coloring pictures of Batman, but more often that means providing arousing sexual material for both men and women, in equal amounts. The latter falls under the umbrella of “gender equality.”

On that note, I’d like to refer the reader to the blog of GCNova, which is the Villanova chapter of Girl Child Network Worldwide. Yes, my girlfriend is the president of the club, but that’s immaterial here (partly because she’s just a puppet). The driving force behind the blog is Nicole “Hubes” Huber, whom I know superficially from a shared class. She struck me as jumpy, like she would make coffee nervous. That hyperactivity translates well to the internet; she has posted 35 articles in the 12 days of April that have happened already. The articles cover women’s issues, which, women being half of the world’s population, are everybody’s issues. She aggregates content from all over the internet in her posts, keeping the blog relevant to current events.

To check it out and get some discussions started, go here.

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  1. Balls-less Molls permalink

    Thanks for the shout out.
    From, the puppet

    P.S. you’re just biased against i’s because they kick your tush in Scrabs

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