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MFotD: Tragus

April 13, 2012

tragus, noun (TRAY-gus)

1. the prominence in front of the external opening of the outer ear

Where the ring is.


I’m a doctor with a kink. After I finish saving lives for the day, I meet another doctor in a third-floor supply closet for sex.

Only doctors and nurses know the terminology for the specific body parts I want pleasured. In Dr. Hayes I’ve found someone like me.

I kiss and draw succulently upon the patellae for a few minutes before standing up to whisper, “Nibble on my tragus now.” When I whisper I put my mouth up against Dr. Hayes’ ear, the way I like to be whispered to.

  1. Balls-less Molls permalink

    After reading the previous post, I wonder in this post if the narrator is a boy or a girl, and same with Dr. Hayes. Hm.

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