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Sharks lose; my beard doesn’t grow; I hate the Blues, refs

April 14, 2012

The Sharks lost the second game in St. Louis today. The refs refused to call anything on the Blues. And at the very end, the Blues put their goons on the ice. Instead of fighting Sharks players with a reputation for fighting well (which would be the honorable thing to do in the wonderful, funderful logic of hockey), they go after two guys who aren’t fighters, like classless Soviet pigs.

Some of the fans on the Sharks’ hfboards forum—hfboards is a message board for all things hockey with over 100,000 members, making it the largest forum for an American professional sport—are clamoring for Sharks captain Joe Thornton to throw down with Blues captain T.J. Backes at the very beginning of the next game. Jumbo Joe doesn’t lose; this would be a welcome development as long he doesn’t get suspended by the NHL for doing it.

I hereby volunteer to fight, but my beard is nonexistent, so I’m probably not manly enough to hurt anyone.

As you can see, my head got bigger. I mean that figuratively, too, because why else would I post pictures of myself like this?

Manliness level: Manly enough to kill very small spiders with something other than my bare hand.

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