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MFotD: Maffick

May 16, 2012

maffick, verb (MAF-ik)

1. to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing and hilarious behavior


The fans in the stadium maffick as the runner runs freely down the sideline for a certain touchdown. It seems like fall; how did I get here? I sit behind one end zone. The trees in the distance are visible because there is only one level of seats. Maybe there aren’t any seats behind the other end zone. Multicolored leaves lie crushed beneath my feet; I must have stomped on them earlier, enjoying the occasional crunch. Next to my foot is another, attached to a bare leg. I understand immediately that the leg belongs to a girl I know from elementary school. I had a crush on her then that I should have acted on. Looks like it’s all the same now, she’s sitting next to me after all. I put my hand on her leg and it is soft. I do not see her face but I know she is smiling. I look only at the leg as I run my hand along it. Someone taps me on the shoulder, so I let go and turn around. They want me to take a family picture. I oblige. They are Russian, dressed in what I imagine to be the clothing of the nineteenth century and sepia-toned. I bet they are the Karamazovs. They line up for their picture in front of a barn or something. Dmitri looks like a larger Mark Ruffalo with five o’clock shadow. When I see his face in a close-up, I can tell the nervousness in his eyes. Alyosha resembles a young, fresh-faced Moe of the Three Stooges, only there is no laughter in his face. He positions himself in the back and rests his head on his arms like a child taking a nap at his school desk, only the school desk is a log. Not a cylindrical log, more like a rectangular prism. His countenance is sad; whatever he is thinking about must trouble him. I take the picture. Now it’s in the book and annotated. The footnote says this is the third picture in which Alyosha has positioned himself adjacent to that log. I wonder at the meaning of the log, but am interrupted by loud music like I am at a nightclub. I wonder why Alyosha is in a nightclub. Oh…

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