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Mad Men finale primer

June 10, 2012

Plotlines that may be resolved in tonight’s finale of Mad Men:

  • Don went ultra-masculine on the fine people at Dow Chemical. Will they hire him for it? File a restraining order? The firm’s future may hang in the balance.
  • A whole season without Don cheating? That can’t happen, right? (He wasn’t married in Season 4, but he did cheat on Faye Dunaway with Megan.)
  • If she wants to consider herself an actress, Megan needs to, you know, act. Is this the week she finally gets a role, or even an audition?
  • That look…doesn’t just go away forever.
  • Also, that is Megan’s favorite sweater for the apartment.
  • Bert Cooper is old enough to could die any minute.
  • Roger’s enlightenment “wore off,” in his words. So it’s only purpose, plot-wise, was to split him and Jane up. What’s the point of that? What can single Roger do that married Roger can’t? I’m trying to deduce here, but I don’t have any answers.
  • Pete, with Lane’s elegant exit, has an opportunity to get his name on the stationery. He’s slimy enough to make a play for changing the name to Sterling Cooper Draper Campbell.
  • There will probably be some scenes showing Peggy adjusting to Cutler Gleason and Chaogh.
  • How is that guy?
  • The real reason Joan sold herself was to have enough money for a nanny; her mom is a fucking nightmare. Look for a new face taking care of little Kevin.
  • Sooner or later, Joan will be the deciding vote on some important firm issue (Lane’s death leaves an odd number of partners). The male partners shall court her vote, but they must court hard, because she’s an expert at being courted.
  • Don and Megan still need to see A Fistful of Dollars.
  • Very good film, the worst of the Man With No Name trilogy.

  • Harry Crane probably won’t hear from Paul Kinsey.
  • Does Joan take over the books now or will the firm hire an outside candidate?
  • Betty and Henry will continue to rot in that mausoleum.
  • Sally’s relationship with Betty is about to get a lot bitchier.
  • Two other subplots I forgot.

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