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Walt won; what now?

July 14, 2012

Season 5—the final season—of Breaking Bad premieres Sunday night at 10 p.m. I am beyond excited for it, but I write this to get myself (and you) even more pumped. But first, allow me to recount each season finale thus far.

Season 1: Walter and Jesse appear to be set with supplier Tuco Salamanca…until he kills one of his men for—wait for it—speaking out of turn. What should have been steady business is instead business with an unsteady partner, one who probably wants Walter and Jesse dead now.

You’ll have to confront me in Season 2!

Season 2: Walter establishes a connection with Gus and Jane is dead, so Jesse will remain loyal to Walter above anyone else. But Walter’s inaction causes two planes to crash into each other and Skyler at last has proof that he’s hiding something.

I know you have a secret. Will I rat you out to the cops or just fuck Ted? Find out in Season 3!

Season 3: Walter avoids death at the surgical hands of Mike by getting Jesse to shoot Gale in the face. Hooray, crisis averted! Forever! Gus is the kind of fellow to let bygones be bygones, I can tell.

You thwarted my plan to kill you. Oh well, let’s be friends again. No need to watch your back or anything.

Season 4: Walter spins a gun on a table, thereby hatching a genius plan to get Jesse on board with killing Gus. Long story short, it works!

Which brings me back to the titular question: What now? Walt faces no obvious troubles, so let’s imagine.

  • Mike is resting in Mexico or on his way back. He won’t be pleased about Gus’ death, because Gus meant steady work for him, but he won’t try to avenge him or anything, either. Perhaps, then, he will try to join Walter, for the paycheck.
  • But Walter doesn’t need to keep cooking. He’s got a few hundred thousand dollars saved up, and if he stops, then Hank can conclude that Gus was Heisenberg, because there will be no more blue meth on the market.
  • Gus and his holdings will probably be investigated by the APD and DEA. By holdings I mean Launderia Brillante and the Los Pollos Hermanos franchises in the area. They will find a destroyed meth lab, but with Walter’s meticulousness that shouldn’t lead back to our protagonists. Who knows what kind of files Gus has on them, though?
  • Tio Hector’s involvement in the bombing may provoke a more thorough investigation of the cartel massacre Gus engineered. There were plenty of waiters and sultry ladies who bore witness to that, and therefore bore witness to Jesse. Jesse’s a memorable cat.
  • Walter, in his pride, probably will not give up cooking. Moreover, the promos for the upcoming season—”All Hail the King”—suggest that Walter will step into the void left by Gus’ death and rule the southwestern meth trade. That can end one of three ways: Walter remains king until he dies of cancer or natural causes, Walter goes to jail, or Walter gets killed.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments! I will be recapping and reviewing each episode as I did for Mad Men, so stay tuned.

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  1. Molls Balls' Balls permalink

    I like the alliteration.

  2. Dylan permalink

    I eagerly await your analysis of the flash forward in 501. I started freaking out the minute they showed Walt with hair again.

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