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Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 3: Hazard Pay

July 30, 2012

Quick gut reactions: When Marie left the White home, didn’t it seem like the front door was positioned incorrectly?; Sad Skyler better do something soon, says loser blogger who doesn’t like stagnation; The door closing on Jesse at the end of the episode sounded like a gunshot; Stackin’ benjies til the rubber band pops!; The ABQ sure gets a lot of insect infestations if they can support a weekly meth lab.

I keep thinking about Walter and Jesse’s intimate conversation on the couch, as it was the only moment of humanity we’ve seen from Walter so far this season. Did he mean all of what he was saying? Maybe he only cares about Jesse’s emotional well-being when there’s nothing to do besides sit and wait for the cook to finish. Perhaps, however unlikely it is, Walt was manipulating Jesse into breaking up with Andrea because Brock is a poor conversationalist. Even if Walt would want to prune any loose ends, there’s no way he could have known that his words of encouragement would compel Jesse to leave her. So I guess we are left to assume that Walter still has some affection for Jesse.

But Walt still sees himself as the kingpin, evidenced by his conversation with Jesse at the end of the episode. No, no, no, I don’t care about how you’re feeling generally, I’m talking business here. But the important part of that exchange was Walt’s hypothesis about Victor’s murder. He stepped out of line, so he got his throat cut. It’s the logic of a despot, and we saw it in action way back in Season 1:

That’s it for today, folks; it’s been an eventful day. If you want to talk about anything, holler at me in the comments.

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