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Commercials Over-analyzed: Accu-Chek Nano

August 12, 2012

INT. Company boardroom. Advertising team are meeting with today’s clients, executives from Accu-Chek Nano.

Lead copywriter: Well, let’s get started. Your product is not something people get excited about, if I may be so blunt. But that’s why you should be glad you came to us: we can sell products that no other firm can. Glucose meters aren’t sexy, they aren’t fun, there is no nostalgia to them. But they are necessary for a certain demographic, so we have to attack why Accu-Chek is the most necessary of all possible brands.

Accu-Chek Exec.: Mm hmm.

Lead copywriter: Your product is smaller, less invasive, less painful and more accurate—by 23 percent, to be precise. The sleek black design is a classic, unimpeachable look. Our campaign touches on all these advantages in a reasoned, sensible manner; the last thing we want is to appear as if we aren’t taking the health of our customers—and all people suffering from diabetes—as if we aren’t taking that seriously.

Accu-Chek Exec.: No.

Lead copywriter: Pardon me, sir? I didn’t catch that.

Exec.: No no NO NO NO! I hate it!

Junior copywriter: But you haven’t even seen the campaign yet!

Lead copywriter: Shut up. (to Exec) I’m sorry about that. She just believes in the efficacy this campaign. As do I. I really think, if you just let me finish—

Exec.: This is not what I envisioned at all! I want fireworks, I want people on the couch shaken from their stupor. Enthusiasm! Mania! Not reason. This campaign should be so fucking ecstatic about Accu-Chek Nano that healthy people want diabetes just so they can use it!

Lead copywriter: Sir, I—

Exec.: (stands up) You have one week. Good day. (leaves)

Client liaison: (scurries after Executives) I’m sorry about that, sir. They really are the best in the business. Now that they know what you want… (door closes behind them)

  1. The theme song doesn’t fit in? Why? Because it’s a blood glucose meter? The fashion is persuasion. Saying the commercial should not be fashioningly designed is like saying the company should not use persuasion when trying to interest customers in trying their product. Unemployment is making it more difficult to afford purchases. Now you’re saying business should not be made? Make it happen around you by moving to a poor country. You’ll fit in perfectly with your opinion.

    • I don’t know who you are, but thank you for commenting. I’m glad you found something thought-provoking. My critique of this commercial was only that it seemed not serious enough–it was jovial, almost manic–for the target demographic, who probably take matters concerning their glucose meters more seriously. I don’t even mean to say that their strategy will not be effective; it could very well work on plenty of levels, I don’t know. But even if this commercial is persuasive, I think there is a funny incongruity.

  2. Brett permalink

    The song that is used in the commercial. Really, really, SUCKS. I either change the channel or mute the commercial. I would not buy or recommend due to the annoyance.

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