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Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 7: Say My Name

August 27, 2012

Gut: Todd writing down the steps of the cook = this; Seriously, though, why is Walt okay with that? What stops Todd from selling it or killing Walt once he masters it?; Jesse and Skyler had a moment and I smell romance. I just hope it doesn’t drag into a “will-they-or-won’t-they” rut, like early seasons of The Office; Looks like Mike ditched his granddaughter at the park, but at least her money is safe (I say this because I assume the lawyer would have no need to unlock her vault a second time, so the DEA wouldn’t know about it).

I will keep this brief because next week’s post will be mammoth and I don’t have much time before my first class. Hank’s stubborn persistence keeps paying off, and now the lawyer is turning on everybody. The DEA is pleased:

But the end, and specifically Walt’s shock and remorse, is all I really want to talk about; everything else has pretty distinct consequences.

Walt brings the Go Bag to Mike and thinks this merits something in return. Mike refuses to give up his guys and calls Walter on his bullshit. Walter shoots Mike. Why?

I’m still not sure. Perhaps Walt was dabbling in enhanced interrogation techniques, but Mike isn’t one to give in under pressure and Walt knows that. The only other motive I can think of is a bruised ego. Walter has viewed Mike as a subordinate the entire season, and Mike has not played along. Walt tried to assert control one last time but got the same result.

More interesting is the aftermath: Walt’s reaction.

I just realized Lydia knows all the names. I could have gotten them from her. I’m sorry, Mike…

Gail, Jane, Gus and the boy all needed to die in order for Walt to remain alive and free, but Mike didn’t. Is one “unnecessary” death all it takes for Walter to feel? Was he humbled by the knowledge he made a mistake? He listened to Mike, for once…

Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace.

Though to be fair, it was his last request, which carries more weight than every other type of command.

What effect will this have on Walter’s psyche is more intriguing than any other consequences. We already saw in the preview that Walter talks to Lydia, and we know that Todd has a prison uncle with connections. Those two pieces of information will probably be tied together neatly, but I have no idea how this murder will change Walt, if it does at all. He broke a rule of his by killing someone who didn’t need to die. Now that he’s crossed that line, who’s to say he won’t like it there, or want to stay?

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