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Off-day fun, 9/13 edition

September 13, 2012

Standings look different. That’s because I redesigned them for this new blog, which hasn’t gotten off the ground yet. Go to Midnight Baseball to read a scintillating recap of all the games on August 31 concerning AL and NL West teams. Blog never took off because we don’t have internet at my house and I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do with it. For example, I wanted to post the tables themselves, not just pictures of them as I do here. won’t let you do that unless you either, a) upgrade to WordPress Pro or, b) host on another, more lenient, site and use the software to help you design the interface and post as you would on Today I was surprised by how much money was in my checking account, so I think I can afford the modest fee for hosting on another site. Now Comcast just needs to show up (they’ve blown my roommates and I off twice already) and give us some fucking internet.

The Giants are doing well. Look at this graph I’ve been keeping for the other site. It’s simple but helps one visualize the race since the start of September.

Padres have a real shot at second. They’ve been the second-best team since September. Chase Headley has over 100 RBI, how crazy is that?

Well this was more about me than baseball. Thanks for still coming here.

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