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Two posts from the Villanova Times, which is probably the best place to get your fill of me, at least until further notice

November 18, 2012

Early this morning I witnessed a brawl on the R100 high-speed rail line. I wrote about it for the Villanova Times, since a lot of students, especially freshmen, take that line.

Here is the story. Here is an excerpt:

Bryn Mawr tries to get Red Vest off the train, because everyone knows and is saying the cops are on their way. Red Vest exits and enters the train multiple times, passing right by me when he does. Each time, I look down. He re-enters over and over to continue the verbal barrage, until he re-enters the last time to get physical, tackling whichever woman was in the front of her group.

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I also recently wrote a review of Skyfall, which is way better than the review done by our rival paper, the Villanovan. All that dude said, basically, was that Skyfall is much better than Quantum of Solace. Here is some of what I said:

Skyfall is beautifully shot, with stunning establishing shots and calm camerawork during action sequences. It helps that Bond is a high-class secret agent; instead of going undercover in some slum, he tracks bad guys to grandiose parties in the exotic Orient. Craig as Bond provides a mellow counterbalance to the spectacle of these locales, and the fight scenes mirror his cool control, the camera kept at a distance to display all of the choreography, with the peculiarities of setting incorporated. A fight between silhouettes in a crazy neon building is the best example of what I mean.

Here is the rest of what I said.


Here is a song, because you deserve a song for still coming here.

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